Are you a professional poker player who’s heading out for a tournament in a few weeks? Then, poker shirts might tickle your fancy if you haven’t thought of what to wear yet for the upcoming games that you’ll be playing. Poker shirts are comfortable and fun to wear since they aren’t formal types of clothes that might make you look old.

Poker shirts come in different colors, designs, and text prints with most of them made with funny designs that take off a bit of the seriousness that is often placed on while poker is played. Poker shirts will allow you to look good during the tournament and if you love getting a few stares from folks and even hot chicks, then poker shirts should be a part of your arsenal.

The most commonly used text prints on poker shirts “wanna bet?”, “muck it”, “straight”, “got poker”, “I don’t even fold my laundry”, and “straight”. These text prints are really eye catching so you’ll be sure to get a lot of attention with them on your poker shirts. On the other hand, you can also choose to go for poker shirts with pictures of poker related items such as cards, skulls, hot girls, the symbol of spades cards, and other cool stuff.

One of the most commonly sought type of poker shirts nowadays would be strip poker shirts. This would be so since poker shirts of this type are mainly designed to bring out the enthusiasm from poker players. This will somehow get you in the mood to play the game well. With this on you, you might even get the chance to bag in a huge amount of pot by winning one round to another.

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