Where Does Amber Come From?

When selecting your amber jewelry, and seeing the uniqueness of each piece and the color variations, and the diverse types of fossils that each stone contains, you may naturally wonder where does amber come from. In geographical terms amber comes from many regions but primarily from the Baltic Sea and The Dominican Republic.

Baltic amber is heavily mined from Russia, Poland and other Eastern European countries and is primarily honey colored or yellow, brown and orange, although it may be reddish-purple or even green. Dominican amber tends to be more transparent and it also contains more fossils. Dominican amber is famous for being green and translucent blue in color.

But where does amber come from in the historic geological sense?

The formation of amber is a natural phenomenon that has taken millions of years. In the case of Dominican amber, it is considered retinite which formed from the resin of plants and trees in the tropical forests that trapped insects while still in a sticky or semi liquid state and over millions of years solidified and became fossilized rock. In the case of Baltic amber, it is considered succinite, but the basic process of its formation is the same. Tree and plant resin, with bits of debris like leaves, flowers or insects, became hard over the course of millennia and created the solid rock-like formations we now treasure in finely crafted amber jewelry.

Getting answers to questions like where does amber come from? how old is it? and where are the best pieces found? will help you better appreciate the value of the jewelry you purchase. Since the two most famous regions for amber are also tourist holiday destinations you may find yourself one day on vacation surrounded by amber choices in one of the two very different regions where amber is found, the Baltic Sea and the Caribbean tropical paradise, the Dominican Republic.

Where does amber come from in Poland?

It washes ashore along the Baltic Sea and may be collected along the coast and is also shaft mined in Russia. However, while beautiful amber is available in Gdansk and other costal towns, it is abundantly available inland, in the Polish city of Krakow, since that is one of the top tourist destinations of the country. There is a massive market in the heart of Krakow that is dedicated to finely crafted Polish amber earrings, necklaces and bracelets, with gregarious merchants and jewelers selling their wears from quaint stalls that fairly burst with amber jewelry.

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