Centerpieces are the glue that ties the wedding reception decor together. They truly add that special detail, and enhance the atmosphere of the wedding reception. For that amazing couple, who really like to make a statement, why not think about unique wedding centerpieces for the wedding reception? There are so many unbelievable ideas out there to choose from, no matter what your taste, budget, or motivation.

For an early afternoon wedding, consider using antique pieces or family collectibles like teapots. Filling them with small flower bouquets will enhance the look of your reception.

For a less formal reception you could try a money tree. All you have to do is find a great tree branch, place it in a beautiful flowerpot, and cover the bottom of the branch with moss. Tie fake money which has been accordion folded to the tree branch, and place index cards with pens on each table. The idea is for guests to write words of advice to the newly wed couple and then tie the index card to the tree, in addition to replacing the fake money with really dollar bills. This would make one of the tall wedding centerpieces that seem to have become all the fashion lately.

In the same vein, a small wishing well placed on each table can be filled with words of advice and cash for the bride and groom from their invited guests. Another unique idea is to go to your local craft store for birdcages, either metal or wooden. Paint them a color to match your wedding colors and then fill them with beautiful ivy and small romantic flowers.

For the romantic, how about having love poems from famous poets written in calligraphy then framed in beautiful frames. Place one poem in the center of each table and then surround it with red roses and petals along with votive candles.

Another twist on traditional wedding decor is to have small wedding cakes decorated and placed on each table as a centerpiece. Rather than having a large wedding cake, guests can share the centerpiece.

On the other hand, small unique ice sculptures on each table really add a special touch to your wedding reception.

The centerpieces at your wedding should be both special and memorable. They set the tone of your reception. So, you want to have something which will have your guests talking for many years to come. Unique wedding centerpieces are just the thing to get your guests talking and to really add that distinct flair to your fabulous wedding reception.

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