The design and decoration of the wedding cake is usually of great interest to the guests at the reception. They always look meticulous and its easy to admire the work that goes into them, but they can also be very expensive. If you want to shave a little from your overall wedding budget by having a go at decorating your own cake, here are some of the wedding cake decoration supplies you will need and some hints on what to do with them.

Before you start anything you need to have a picture in your mind’s eye of what you are trying to achieve. If you are not creative have a look on the internet at the many images available to give yourself some ideas. Whilst perusing, try and decide what sort of frosting you are going to use. Buttercream is a fairly sturdy frosting and is used a lot in cake making. Fondant frosting gives the smooth look finish and is typically used in wedding cakes. You could also use whipped cream but due to its need for cool temperatures, it is not ideal.

When you have decided on your frosting, you need to consider how you are going to apply it to the cake. Piping from a pastry bag with a cone attachment is perfect for buttercream. Different attachments can be used to create various designs around the cake. The piped frosting can be used to make flower type swirls as well as shells, dots or other graphics, decorative borders, or writing to include the couple’s names or initials. Before you let loose on your wedding cake with a piping bag, it is best that you practise the designs you are planning to use.

Moving instead to fondant frosting will allow you to get the smooth, elegant look that you are used to seeing on wedding cakes. It is easy to cover a cake with this type of frosting as well as to cut out many shapes to be used as decoration. These could include ribbons, hearts, flowers, stars or any other design you want to include.

Decorating a wedding cake does not need to end there. You could mix up the frostings and include both – fondant to cover the cake and buttercream to decorate. Or why not add some other things into the mix of your wedding cake supplies – why not use edible flowers, glitter, sweets and fruits? Your choices are endless, so get decorating.

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