The Leather Sofa – Actually A Bargain!

Leather sofas have long been symbols of status, luxury and class, conjuring images of Sherlock Holmes type gentlemen relaxing in social clubs puffing away causally on pipes and enjoying fine brandy. The rich supple leather seems to call out for you to lounge your troubles away.

For those of us with less than endless pocketbooks, a leather sofa has also long been considered a bit of a pipe dream. We may have wanted to enjoy the luxury they are legendary for but never considered it even a remote possibility. Much of this perception is grounded in simple misconceptions about Leather. When you factor in the many positive attributes of fine leather along with the fact that prices have dropped considerably in recent years, it would almost be silly not to seriously consider leather for your next sofa.

Leather sofas will last years longer than comparable fabric sofas. Leather will actually improve both in appearance and in texture. It will become softer to the touch and really conform to your body. Leather sofas are very easy to care for. A mild detergent and warm water will keep the surface clean. If someone were to spill a liquid on a fabric covered sofa the liquid would quickly soak in and be likely to stain. Also the seat will be wet for quite some time. With leather however, you simply need to wipe the liquid off the surface and you will have a dry seat in minutes.

There is another misconception about leather that it is hot and sticky in the summer and cold in the winter. Actually it is quite the opposite if you purchase good quality leather. Some of the lower grade leathers are actually sealed with a urethane to help them achieve a consistent color and this will cause the leather not to be able to breathe, but good quality leather will breathe in the summer and will warm to the touch in winter.

With a fabric covered sofa, not only will the fabric begin to lose its visual appeal after a few years it will also start to weaken and lose its ability to provide proper support. Factor all of these things together and the price difference between leather and fabric begins to look very small indeed. Keep in mind also that leather furniture carries several benefits that you cannot place a price on. The way that leather adds character to any room and the pride of knowing that, yes it is leather are hard to quantify.

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