Ladies Perfume brings out strong associations with romance and emotions. It can trigger memories and promote self-esteem. We use scents to prevent embarrassing odors, to create positive feelings in ourselves, and to make ourselves more attractive to men. Both sexual and personal attraction can be aided by a scent and there are numerous scents out there that have been found scientifically to arouse men.

A scent that has been used as an aphrodisiac for hundreds of years is cinnamon. Women have been using it as far back as Bible times. In addition to finding it in some perfumes, you may bathe in cinnamon oil, or be sure to bake some cinnamon buns just before your man arrives.

Lavender is another powerful scent. It has been found to be sexually arousing to men and has even been researched for it’s ability to help with impotence. Lavender is for this reason, a popular choice for lady perfume manufacturers and can also be found in aromatherapy products. Lavender is another that is contain in bath oil and can be bathed in.

A surprising scent that is very close chemically to the sexual secretions we produce when aroused is Frankincense. It is found in many lady perfumes that have several other notes added to it, to make it an attractive scent to wear everyday.

The scent that has been found to be the most arousing to men in several studies is that of vanilla. Make no wonder it is difficult to find a perfume that does not contain it in some form. It is often paired with fruit or floral scent, or left on it’s own, the choice of one type over the other is just one of personal preference.

As you may know, there is a special organ in the nose that picks up the body’s natural secretions called pheromones. Pheromones are actually scentless but there are several higher end perfumes that have them added into their mix. The reviews on whether pheromones in perfume work have been mixed, but since good perfume is pricey anyway, it may be worth it to get one of these.

One final reminder, less is definitely more. Be sure not to drown yourself in your perfume. A small dab behind the earlobes will do. If you are using a spray bottle, just spray it into the air and walk through. There is no excuse to do more. Many women make the mistake of thinking that the scent is getting less strong over time, but this is not the case. Your sense of smell becomes used to the scent when it is exposed to it for a long period of time and no longer pays attention to it.

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