Why Visit Dugi Otok?

Dugi Otok , literally translated “The Long Island” is a remote place off the Croatian coast roughly opposite of the town of Zadar and at the border of the Kornati national park. If you are looking for discos and night life, Dugi Otok is not the place to go. But if you love nature, flora and fauna both underwater and above, then you might have found your personal paradise. Dugi Otok is only accessible by boat, either your own or by (car) ferry and accommodation on the island should be booked in advance, especially when you are traveling during high-season, i.e. between June and September.

Things to do on Dugi Otok

Walking, cycling and hiking are favorites among visitors, but during the height of summer you might want to be careful because of the heat, temperatures can rise to and above 35C / 95F and the danger of dehydration and sunstroke is high, especially for smaller children. If you are traveling during the hottest months (July / August) it might be better to leave such activities for the early mornings and late afternoons and enjoy the beaches of Dugi Otok meanwhile. The only real sand beach is Saharun, the others are more of the pebbly and rocky variety. So bring good beach shoes, especially as there are also plenty of sea urchins around.

But the true attraction of Dugi Otok, at least for me, lays underwater. It is gorgeous snorkel and scuba diving territory. I love all kinds of underwater sport and the waters around the island are so clear that you can observe the underwater life easily. A lot of the beaches are very shallow to begin with, making them ideal for smaller children and adults that are not confident swimmers.

After a long day on the beach, you will enjoy the excellent Croatian food and wine, a lot of it locally sourced. Obviously seafood is very high on the list of culinary delights, together with lamb and cheese. And your children will appreciate that you can also get a great selection of pizza and pasta dishes on the island. I am sure your whole family will enjoy holidays / vacations on Dugi Otok!

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