Save Vanity Tables By Refinishing Them

For hundreds of years vanity tables have been a popular piece in a woman’s bedroom. Back in Victorian times a lady would sit at her vanity table while her hair was styled. Women use these as their dressing tables to help them apply their make-up and style their own hair, and to show of their exquisite perfume collection and vanity sets. If you have inherited an old vanity table, or have bought one at auction or a second hand market you might want to take off that old finish and bring it back to life. In the antique world there is a bit of controversy about refinishing old furniture, but that decision it totally up to you.

You might be concerned about using caustic and hazardous chemicals that can cause harm to you and also the environment. These days there are soy based strippers and VOC paints available, that do much less harm to the environment and are considerably healthier. Soy based strippers now work just as well as the chemical products, but they do need a bit extra time to do their work. A soy stripper is in the form of a gel, so sticks to where ever you place it and can be wiped away easily. Make sure you follow the manufacturers directions for the products safe use. A lot of these products are perfectly safe to use without any gloves and can even be put in your homes trash when you are finished with them.

When you have the vanity tables stripped down, you can then start the refinishing. Before you apply any paint you should give the table a sand down, first using a heavy grit paper and working down to a fine grit, so you are left with a smooth surface. To remove any dust, first vacuum the table then wipe over it with a damp cloth and leave to dry before you paint it. There are now paints available that have low amounts of volatile chemicals, this means that they don’t have that paint smell and don’t give off dangerous fumes. These paints come in all of the usual colors, so getting something to match your decor wont be an issue.

When you get to the painting stage, don’t use too much paint and try to get some nice smooth strokes. Be sure to get into all of the cracks and corners and work from the bottom up to the top so the paint doesn’t get smudged or run. After you are finished you will have an example of what vanity tables should look like and it will be a great addition to your home, lasting you for many years.

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