Origami Can Make Some Great Toys for Your Child

Nowadays there is just about every expensive toy imaginable being marketed to children.  Most of them end up being discarded without getting anywhere close to your money’s worth.  Fortunately, looking at some of the more simple options like playing catch or riding a bike are still as fun as ever and provide exercise without requiring huge investments for unnecessary things.  However, if you are going to stay indoors to do something fun, a good option might be to give origami a shot.

This might not be something that comes to mind considering how simple it is, but it actually makes a wonderful craft and takes almost nothing to get started.  There are many books about the subject to help you get started, but like anything else you can find everything you need in terms of information on the internet.  Another really wonderful thing about this type of craft is that the things it creates are very disposable, recyclable, reproducible, and inexpensive; all things that are great to have in a toy but seen less and less in recent time.

A great place to start would probably be with something that is interactive in some way because of how fun they are.  This would include something like the waterbomb that can be blown up after folding and filled with water like a water balloon.  Also, something probably everyone has seen but might not have associated as being made by a paper folder is the fortune teller.  This is the four sectioned toy that has fortunes in each of the four sections.  This is very simple to make and can be a lot of fun to play with.  Lastly, there are things to create with moving parts like the crane with flapping wings.  All of these things can be created with a single sheet of paper but have the possibility of entertaining your child for a much longer amount of time than was required to create it.

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