Hanging Bay Window Curtains Properly

When a home designer draws up the plans for a new home, there are no universal standards for the exact size and shape of bay windows. Additionally, then a contractor builds that same home, there are often variables and preferences in construction that make each window opening slightly different. Because of these factors, finding window treatments to fit bay windows can be extremely difficult. They have multiple angled panels made at different lengths and degrees. Luckily, there are solutions like bay window curtain rods that are designed to be a one-size-fits all solution for bay window curtains. They are made up of several lengths of telescoping rods attached with articulating joints that can be adjusted to any angle. Armed with this knowledge and the right materials, anyone can treat their bay windows beautifully.

Many homeowners make the mistake of using regular curtain rods to hang their drapes over bay windows. While it may seem like a viable solution to the inconsistencies of bay window openings, there are a few issues that need to be considered. First and foremost, using three or more separate curtain rods can be extremely obtrusive on your wall. With 6 bulky mounting brackets hanging on your wall, it can feel very cluttered. Second, using separate curtain rods will undoubtedly leave small gaps or “reveals” between each panel of curtains. This can be problematic when you want to block out all of the light from entering your room, and even compromise your privacy during the evening hours. Proper bay window curtain rods not only look much more professional mounted on your wall, but they also eliminate unnecessary reveals.

As an added bonus of proper bay window rods, you will find that installing and leveling the rod will be much easier. Rather than try to line up 6 separate brackets the single curtain rod unit will be much simpler to install.

For some, the idea of making or fitting their bay window curtain rod seems overwhelming. Fortunately there are solutions available that fit inside the openings of your bay window eliminating the need to hang curtains. For example, products like ready made blinds, or even plantation shutters can be custom built for each window. The curtain rod free installation gives your home a much more modern feel and the operation of a blind or shutter will be much more user friendly. However, expect to pay anywhere between $20-40 per square foot of window for the convenience.


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