So is one of your children having a birthday soon, and perhaps you’re thinking a cool themed birthday would be just the ticket. Well there are always many options for kids parties, some general shopping to pick up some basic party supplies, or maybe you’re thinking of something heaps more specific like some simple yet cheap dinosaur party supplies. Here is a thought though, does your child love the world of harry potter? Well how about grabbing some harry potter party supplies and getting right into it, with costumes, games and more! This article will give you some basic ideas for costumes and games that have a harry potter theme.


If you want your party to be extra special, and full of great memories, then everyone wearing a themed costume is definitely the way to go! It’s a good idea to check with the parents and the kids first though, and make sure everyone is okay with the thought of dressing up.

Here is a thought, why not get some wizard robes to give to all of the kids as they enter the party? You could attach the four house symbols from Hogwarts to each of the robes, this will really help the children get into the atmosphere of the party! Anything with Gryffindor on will be very popular.


I’ll tell you right now what will be insanely popular at a harry potter themed party. PARTY GAMES! So take some great party games that are known to be popular, and make them Harry Potter-ish! The novels are the best resource you have for brainstorming loads of ideas.

What about getting a giant picture of Harry, but without his glasses on? Then the kids have to ‘pin’ his glasses on in the right spot (sound familiar: think Pin the Tail on the Donkey).

Or you could play a game known as ‘Transfiguration Charades’. One child will act out a person, object or animal that he has been transfigured into, and the other kids need to figure out what he has become.

Another game that could work really well is a treasure hunt style. Perhaps link it to Harry searching for the Golden Snitch. The kids could get a list of clues that they need to work through, with the end result finding the Snitch! The winner should definitely get a harry potter themed prize.

So get that party organized. Costumes, games – give them a magical Harry Potter spin! Get those books out again, and give them a read. Ideas will be flowing for you in no time.


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