Its free web-based email services such as, and, that are provided to anyone and everyone with the minimum requirement of an internet connection, you can access your mail anytime, from any computer just by using your user name and password that you had used while registering yourself with the particular free mail service provider. All this comes for free, and there are so many providers in the market and all of them provide these services for free and hence it becomes very difficult to choose the right service providers. Technically it’s called E-Mail is Electronic mail which is defined as exchanging digital messages across computer networks or over the internet.

There are five main advantages of the free mail service providers, firstly its very simple and easy to use after the initial set up secondly it’s the most versatile among all the technologies today as it makes the process of sending files, power point presentations, excel sheets, pictures to anyone, thirdly its free the transmission costs nothing at all just an internet connection, fourthly the speed is exceptional the messages can be sent any where in the world in seconds and finally it’s the most efficient service providers as you can send the same message to a bunch of people at the same time. Free mail is a private affair and so the level of security in the transmission of these messages is very high. The security levels are very tight and there is no chance misuse of any private information unless someone has access to the password and the user name.

Free mail has changed the face of every business. Business people complain a lot about the amount of emails they receive but all said and done its negligible as it definitely has more advantages than disadvantages. Email has a big impact on every business and has made a big edge in the communication world

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