Folding Chairs For General Use

Folding chairs are an extremely useful product for pretty much anyone, and any household. They are valuable in so many situations, such as trips to the beach, going to kids sport events, backyard parties, or even more seats for that impromptu dinner party. Wherever extra seating is needed, folding chairs will come in handy! This article will look at a brief history of folding chairs, and how they can be used today.

On July 7th 1911, a man named Nathaniel Alexander from Lynchburg, Virginia came up with idea of the folding chair. His patent at the time shows he built them for use in schools, churches and even auditoriums. Originally, the plans actually came with a book rest that could be used by the person behind each chair. Folding chairs have definitely changed dramatically since then, and can now be used for all sorts of things.

Folding Chairs for Beach or Camping Trips

On a camping trip, or a visit to the beach there is nothing more useful then folding beach chairs. They are perfect for relaxing around a camp fire with a drink, and chatting away all night. Or at the beach, soaking in the sunshine elevated in comfort above everyone else. They’re also great for eating meals, or just simply chilling out nearby in the sunshine with a thrilling book. They are generally quite portable, and will often come in their own carry bag. This is handy, as it will give you more room to bring other large items camping or beach items with you, like a portable cook-stove or a pop up gazebo.

Folding Chairs in Your House

Folding chairs are amazingly handy to have on hand in any home. Surprise visit from lots of family or friends? No worries, whip out the stock of folding chairs that you have squirreled away for this exact reason! They are exceptionally easy to store due to their ability to fold, a cupboard or simply just in the garage will do fine. Functions such as BBQ’s and birthday parties also no longer pose a problem.

It’s easy to see that folding chairs are useful for all sorts of functions or events. For those that are always on the move, or don’t have a lot of storage space, then folding chairs are a great answer to your problems. If they were required to be stored in every car boot or garage, then we would never have a problem finding a comfortable seat, no matter where we are!

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