First Aid Techniques to Get over Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are outcome of excessive anxiety symptoms. Panic disorder is not a separate disorder from anxiety. It is a kind of anxiety disorder that shows symptom of sudden strike of panic attacks. In the moment of attack, person goes through many severe symptoms that resemble heart attack like; difficulties in breathing, rapid heartbeat, chest pain, fear of dying, dizziness, nausea, etc. Though the period of panic attack is quite dreadful; it neither harms body in anyway nor causes death.

It may provide some relief to know that panic attacks harmless. Staying calm and relaxed when attack surfaces is the key to dilute its effect .Panicking in panic attack is what fuels its symptoms. If there are frequent instances of panic attacks in a short period of time, it is necessary to consult a psychotherapist. People may adopt many escaping and fearful behaviors worrying about confronting panic attacks at unwanted place and time.  Consequently it turns into full-fledged panic disorder. Equipping yourself with few handy and effective tips will save you from destroying your normal life and extinguishing panic attacks before it overtakes your mind and body.

First of all, never let panic attacks scare you. By now you know that it can’t kill you. It’s a phase that will pass itself. Condition you mind with positive suggestions that you can survive panic attacks gracefully. Not panicking is half the battle won.

Learn to breathe slowly and deeply. Manipulating you breathing pattern from shallow and rapid to deep and slow will bring natural anxiety relief to stressed mind.

If you are at home, keep paper bags handy. If you find it difficult to breathe, which most people face during panic attacks, breathe into paper bag. This technique works with majority of people for overcoming panic attacks immediately. If it still fells suffocated, go out in open and breathe fresh air.

Distraction method like splashing cold water on face or remembering happy memories, help to take your mind off the symptoms of attack.

Staying in present moment and being aware of body sensations and emotions is a great way to divert mind from being haunted by past events and worrying about future.


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