Finding Cheap Tents for Your Family Camping Trip

With many families having to tighten their vacation budgets this year many people are looking for cheap and affordable vacations.  One option you may not have considered is going camping with your family.  Camping allows you to get away from all of the many distractions of life and allows families to bond in a unique and unforgettable way. 

The most important thing you need to consider when you plan to camp is what tent to get and what size tent to get.  Manufacturer’s label tents by saying what “man tents” they are.  This gives you a rough estimate of how many people can sleep inside.  For example, a 4 man tent suggests that 4 people should be able to sleep inside comfortably while an 8 man tent suggests 8 will be able to comfortably.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  Oftentimes space is underestimated and doesn’t take into account the things you bring with you, so you have to consider whether you would like a nice shelter for your belongings, as well as, yourself.  Also, do you plan on bringing something to sleep on like an air mattress?  If so, you need to choose a size that can accommodate it. 

Cheap tents are easy to find but you need to make sure you find some that are made durably.  Buying something only to find out it is made poorly can result in a short tent life and opens the doors to water getting inside. You probably want your experience outdoors to be memorable but not in the way it will be if you wake up drenched in the middle of the night by rain.  Looking for a tent that has a rain fly is a good start to preventing this problem but don’t necessarily rely on the one that comes with the tent.  Just like the tent itself, it can be badly constructed and result in a soggy camping experience.

Lastly, consider how heavy the tent is and how you are getting to your campsite.  A lot of sites allow you to simply drive up and park near your campsite, others you will need to hike to.  Hiking to a site requires you to pay attention to the size and weight.  Getting a large heavy tent might be nice for the extra room but you won’t think so while getting to your spot.  Smaller tents will usually weigh less and you can find them as little as 2 or 3 pounds that is of course, if you plan on being the only person using it.  Most likely you will have to settle for one that is between eight and ten pounds.

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