Dyna Glo makes a range of heaters that are ideal for applications where the user either cannot – or elects not to – make use of an electrical power source.  This article will briefly address the merits of Dyna Glo Tag-A-Long portable propane heaters, and whether they may or may not be right for your needs.

Similar in form and functionality to the Mr. Buddy brand of propane heaters, their fuel source is Coleman propane canisters.  These 16oz canisters are readily available at just about any sporting goods or camping oriented retailer.  This makes maintaining an adequate fuel supply fairly straight forward.

The Dyna Glo propane heaters have some nice safety features.  Firstly is a tip over sensor.  If a heater falls over the intense heat can lead to combustion of flammables.  These particular heaters have a sensor that will cause the heater to turn itself off if it should happen to fall over, thus greatly reducing the risk of any fire.  Secondly, a low oxygen sensor will turn off the heat if it is triggered.  While this is a desirable feature it is wise to be extra careful and not use a heater such as this unless you have ensured adequate ventilation.

Capable of producing up to 16000 BTU when ran from two propane canisters, for a run time of ten hours – on lower heat settings – this is quite a versatile little device.  Weighing in at about ten pounds it is easily portable also.  By storing a couple of space canisters in your vehicle, this becomes a practical source of heat for an extended camping trip.

Some users will rig up their heater to take advantage of the larger external propane tanks they may already have as part of their standard equipment.  This can provide extended (and economical) run time, but should only be considered if you are fully versed on Propane safety features.  I recommend using the Coleman canisters as intended by the vendor unless you are 100% comfortable with working with Propane.

A truly revolutionary feature is the Dyna Glo patented swivel valve.  This allows for easy attachment of the propane canister before swiveling it securely into its built-in storage area within the heater itself; a very convenient feature indeed.

When it comes to propane heating, the Dyna Glo propane heaters are a product worthy of your consideration.  I trust that your next camping trip will find you not only a good time, but good heat too!

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