Different Types Of Tub Chairs

Tub chairs are very stylish pieces of furniture which can be used for decorating your homes and offices. The greatest advantage of purchasing these chairs is that you can find them in various colors, sizes and prices to suit all pockets. From expensive leather varieties to cheap fabric models you can choose anything which complement the decor of the location. These chairs have a special structure with the back and armrests fused together providing additional support to your back, shoulder, arms and neck. The cushiony effect enhances your relaxation by providing a cozy feeling too. So they are the best seating arrangements for relaxation as well.

What are the different varieties available? Some of the various models of a tub chair include the cushioned types, swivel, designer, plastic, leather and fabric chairs. Cushioned models are very popular and usually sought after by the people. The swivel style is very suitable for offices where the swivel function is very useful. The user can rotate sitting in his seat and also glide to nearby areas easily. The designer varieties are either square or rectangular in shape with cushions and used in modern settings. Plastic models are for those who are not comfortable with cushions.

Such chairs are made of plastic and take the shape of tubs. They are colorful and are used for decorating office or commercial spaces more often. Of all the varieties the most expensive and favorite ones are the leather tub chairs. They add a touch of sophistication to any kind of decor. They offer ultimate comfort also. You can find them in different colors as well. You can either choose from real leather or the faux leather types. Another type is the fabric chairs which are made of fabric upholstery. They are less expensive, stylish and comfortable too. Great care is required for maintaining these models. You can purchase all these styles from your local home furniture stores. Antique models are available at the antique stores.

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