Deep Blood Red Ruby Ring Designs

Although there are pink and various tones of red rubies, the best stones are the ones that are a deep, rich red with blue undertones that look reddish-purple and are known as blood red rubies or pigeon blood ruby gems. The blood red ruby ring designs that bring out the richness of this particular stone are usually set in yellow gold. For unusual styles in natural blood ruby rings, I suggest looking at vintage or antique pieces, especially if it’s going to be your engagement ring.

Vintage and Antique Blood Red Ruby Ring Prices

Antique styles usually have untreated rubies and are often the original blood rubies from Burma (Myanmar) and therefore of the best quality. You can find a selection of such items at a place called Adin Antique Jewelry and other vintage jewelry shops, and often there are pieces for just a few hundred dollars. Authentic antique blood ruby rings are frequently found accented with old mine diamonds and sometimes in art deco designs with other gemstones such as emeralds or blue sapphires and often with seed pearls. There are a few blood red ruby ring styles that are exquisite for about $250 and include pearls as accents and are set in solid gold. However, the vast majority of antique genuine blood ruby rings range from $500 to about $1,000. In that price range there are dozens of styles to choose from.

Alternatives for Buying Cheap Blood Ruby Rings

If you want pigeon blood red ruby ring styles in contemporary designs set in yellow or white gold or platinum you will need to budget at least a couple thousand for the better quality items. However, you can have a very cheap ring if you choose one of two alternatives.

The first way to save on buying a blood red ruby ring is to select a gemstone that is natural but has been treated to enhance it’s color. Treating rubies with heat to bring out their color is a very common practice and allows rubies to be priced much more affordably because a lesser quality stone with a lighter natural color may be made to look like a high quality natural pigeon blood ruby. These enhanced blood red ruby ring designs may be priced around $100 or $200 depending on the metal mounting you choose. For solid gold with a treated ruby you will spend around $300 or more, for platinum much more, but there are cheap sterling silver blood ruby rings under 100 dollars from many online jewelers.

The other cheap blood red ruby ring buying alternative is to choose “created” rubies as the central stone. Created means they are manmade, not natural, however, if your aim is to have an affordable yet beautiful and fun cocktail ring for parties, then you can get imitation ruby rings for $30 to $50 in dazzling designs that may even have sparkling cubic zirconia diamonds as accents and may be set in gold electroplated mountings or solid sterling silver. There are online shops like Emitations and Heavenly Treasures who have lots of created ruby ring styles that are ultra affordable and very good quality, even if they are faux.

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