Dealing with Minor Liposuction Side Effects

Liposuction is a known surgical procedure where fat is being removed using a straw-like device known as the cannula. A tiny incision is done in the targeted area and then the surgeon flushes the water into the fat while the cannula breaks the fatty cells and sucking them out. However, you should know that there are some liposuction side effects that you should discuss with your surgeon before going through the procedure.

One of the most unavoidable side effects of liposuction is bruising. Take note that the soft tissues underneath the skin can easily be damaged when hit by the cannula and although some tissues are being removed, the skin within the targeted area can be badly bruised during the process. The bruise can be painful at first but it will fade on its own after several weeks. Another side effect that you may encounter is the persistent numbness of the targeted area after for several weeks after the procedure.

The pain under the surgery can easily be contained by consuming prescribed medications. If the pain seems to be problematic, you may consult your physician for a more effective medication that can help you relieve the pain. Another common side effect of liposuction is swelling but this too will fade after several weeks of resting. Scarring is another side effect that you should be aware of and it will fade away depending on the patient’s capability to deal with scars. For some individuals, the scar may fade quickly while for some it may come unnoticeable and permanent for other individuals.

You also have to bear in mind that these side effects are not indications that something is wrong with the procedure. If the procedure is successful, these side effects may go away on its own after several weeks. But just like any other surgical procedures, the healing process depends on the individual and how he/she takes care of the targeted area. Patients may choose to opt for compression garment to lessen or reduce the swelling.

If the procedure is successful, patients can go back to their normal activity but it may take some time to see the actual results of the procedure. This too may depend on the patient as for some; it can be seen immediately but may take some time for others. As you will notice in some health blog web sites, discussing the procedure with a professional surgeon is essential as there are some complications that may occur if the surgery was not handled carefully. This may include organ damage and water retention and these conditions may require immediate care of health professionals.


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