Learning to Deal with Bullies

Most people can remember some point in their lives when they had to deal with a bully.  For most people, it is an extremely uncomfortable memory that they would rather forget.  Unfortunately, bullying continues to occur on a regular basis every day.  Bullying can occur almost anywhere.  It does not only happen on the school playground.  It is also not just a problem of one child calling another child names.

Today, most states have laws that require schools to have some type of bullying program in place.  That is a fine idea, but children must still be taught by parents and teachers how to deal with bullies when situations arise.  One of the most important lessons that the child must learn is that it is not tattling to let an adult know that someone is giving them a hard time.  Adults for their part, must be ready to step in and assist children who are being bullied by others.  Depending on the type of situation, this could involve confronting the bully, letting a school administrator know about situation, talking to the child’s parents, or helping the child’s parents to get in touch with the proper authorities.

Most people think of physical bullies when they remember their own childhood.  This is a situation where one child actually does another child physical harm.  This is not the only type of bullying however.  Unfortunately, thanks to today’s high tech society, cyber bullies are now a major problem.  This type of bullying takes place when one person uses technology like cell phones or social networking sites on the computer to harass and taunt another person.  New laws are being enacted to help combat this type of bullying.  Anyone who is being harassed in this manner should be certain to contact their local authorities.  Especially in the case of using cell phones to send her inappropriate messages, the police can often be quite helpful in getting phone records from the companies who provide wireless service.  Once these records are obtained, the police will be able to best determine how to proceed.  Depending on the situation, this could even include pressing formal charges against the person doing the bullying.

Regardless of the type of bullying which has occurred, it should never be tolerated or excused.  Parents and teachers must take every report from a child seriously.  It may turn out to be not much of a problem at all, but if actual harassment is taking place, it needs to be stopped as quickly as possible.


So is one of your children having a birthday soon, and perhaps you’re thinking a cool themed birthday would be just the ticket. Well there are always many options for kids parties, some general shopping to pick up some basic party supplies, or maybe you’re thinking of something heaps more specific like some simple yet cheap dinosaur party supplies. Here is a thought though, does your child love the world of harry potter? Well how about grabbing some harry potter party supplies and getting right into it, with costumes, games and more! This article will give you some basic ideas for costumes and games that have a harry potter theme.


If you want your party to be extra special, and full of great memories, then everyone wearing a themed costume is definitely the way to go! It’s a good idea to check with the parents and the kids first though, and make sure everyone is okay with the thought of dressing up.

Here is a thought, why not get some wizard robes to give to all of the kids as they enter the party? You could attach the four house symbols from Hogwarts to each of the robes, this will really help the children get into the atmosphere of the party! Anything with Gryffindor on will be very popular.


I’ll tell you right now what will be insanely popular at a harry potter themed party. PARTY GAMES! So take some great party games that are known to be popular, and make them Harry Potter-ish! The novels are the best resource you have for brainstorming loads of ideas.

What about getting a giant picture of Harry, but without his glasses on? Then the kids have to ‘pin’ his glasses on in the right spot (sound familiar: think Pin the Tail on the Donkey).

Or you could play a game known as ‘Transfiguration Charades’. One child will act out a person, object or animal that he has been transfigured into, and the other kids need to figure out what he has become.

Another game that could work really well is a treasure hunt style. Perhaps link it to Harry searching for the Golden Snitch. The kids could get a list of clues that they need to work through, with the end result finding the Snitch! The winner should definitely get a harry potter themed prize.

So get that party organized. Costumes, games – give them a magical Harry Potter spin! Get those books out again, and give them a read. Ideas will be flowing for you in no time.


Babysitting Duty

Babysitting is a pretty serious activity. And why wouldn’t it be, when you are talking about the care of little babies who can be described as very fragile indeed. Babies are constantly in demand of attention and care, so those who tasked with caring for them would need to do the job in a full-time basis. While it is still considered to be an odd job and since babysitters are usually teen-aged kids trying to earn a little cash, the seriousness of the task could never be underestimated. The sitters need to approach their jobs quite seriously, in order for the parents of the child they are caring for to become happy with their performance, and thus increase the chance of them being hired once again. It is not a guarantee of course, but if the babysitter does well enough, then he can definitely be assured of getting some nice income while there is still not much school work for them to do.

That is exactly the situation that my daughter is in as she readies to again become a babysitter around the neighborhood. Yes, my teenaged daughter did it for the first time a few months back and thoroughly enjoyed what she did, so now that there is another opportunity, she is more than happy to jump right back in. it is an activity that came to me as a complete surprise as I did not expect that she’d like to do such a thing, but she actually did it for the first time and then told me how she thoroughly enjoyed what she was doing, and that she hoped she could do it more. I absolutely have no problem with her doing it, especially since she seemed to like it very much. My only concern was that she does well and take particular care with the smaller kids she was taking care of.

We have already started to design the babysitting flyer template this week. What we have done so far is to keep the entire design very simple, and not to be too flashy. I was careful to keep it plain and yet with a little of flair since we are still doing it to entice parents of little kids to get her services. In my mind, a little cute element would not hurt. I have also just finished giving her baby memory book ideas, as she would like to help create those little keepsakes for the babies she would be caring for.


This Melissa and Doug Responsibility chart is one of the best inventions I have come across for getting kids to do their daily chores that I have ever seen . It really does work like magic. My daughters are 3 and 4 respectively and they both absolutely love this chart. When they have finished a task, they come running into the lounge to get me to give them their magnet. The board comes with a section at the bottom that is for storing the magnets, but I find that this usually makes a cluttered mess, and I prefer to keep the magnets myself. When the kids show me that they have completed the tasks I give them their magnet. I think that eventually I will let them deal with the magnets all on their own, but for now, I’ rather do it this way.

The titles of the responsibilities are things like make bed, brush teeth, say please/thank you, clear table, clean room, do homework, show respect, take care of pet, get dressed, take bath, no teasing, put clothes in wash, help with indoor/outdoor chores, no whining, apologize, and there are a few others as well. You also get the option to make up a couple of your own responsibilities with 2 blank tiles.

Mixing “smilies” in with the kids allowance is a great way to motivate them into doing the tasks. My younger daughter is a still a little bit young for handling money, so I reward her with candy. She gets 1 piece for every 2 tasks that she completes. She actually thinks that she is getting a much better deal than her sister who gets 5 cents per task.

Thanks for taking the time out to look over this Melissa and Doug Deluxe Magnetic Responsibility Chart review. I hope that you could take away some useful information from it.


Disposable diapers have become the most common form of diapering since 1950 when Marion Donovan invented disposable diapers and sold her company for $1 million a few years later. In 2002, I was one of the few women still using traditional terry cloth diapers with my first child, and 8 years later with my third, I had already switched to modern cloth diapers, and I’ve never looked back.

Modern cloth diapers are made from bamboo and hemp which are more sustainable fabrics than cotton. Cotton is generally grown with a lot of pesticide (unless grown organically) and needs large quantities of water to grow while hemp and bamboo are grown naturally, without pesticides. Hemp and bamboo diapers are also more absorbent than cotton, so you need not change them as often and you’ll have less to wash. Disposable diapers are simply bad for the environment, since they take over 400 years to break down, though Kimberly Clark and other manufacturers of them may disagree.

Similar to disposables, both fitted all-in-ones (AIOs) and pocket diapers are shaped to fit your baby, are easy to put on and are usually fastened with Velcro or snaps. Pocket diapers and fitted cloth diapers take a little more patience to use, but are still manageable, as long as you have a good quality cover.

With modern diapers there is no need for diaper buckets (nappy pails) with water and bleach, as this will actually damage the plastic. “Dry pailing,” or simply leaving the diapers as is (simply shake out excess ) until you are ready to wash them (though you may need to prewash if your baby is on solid food) is all that is needed. In addition, you don’t need extra soap powder, since it is recommended that you use half the regular amount, since excess will collect in the diaper causing it to smell. It is not even necessary to use hot water, and there are disposable plastic or cloth liners which obviate the need to scrape out the diaper. Cloth liners work best as they help to keep your baby relatively dry. Simply wash diapers as normal and hang them in the sun, which is the best way to sterilise them.

Modern diapers are being made more attractive these days, with cute “Baby legs” (leg warmers) which were invented to show off these modern diapers without sacrificing comfort.

Kirsten McCulloch is an Australian freelance writer and the editor of SustainableSuburbia.net


Tips On Buying Secondhand Newborn Baby Clothes

Many parents that have a limited budget opt for buying secondhand newborn baby clothes. There are many generic and unique newborn baby clothes for sale secondhand, and these usually only cost a fraction of what they would cost new. Newborn baby clothes are often in good condition, as babies tend to outgrow these clothes quite fast. Another factor to consider is that newborns do not get around much. Unless the baby has spit up on the clothing, there should be no stains or obvious signs of wear and tear.

Parents buying secondhand baby clothes should examine them carefully. It is important to note if the clothing has been stained or is ripped. One should also note if the particular clothing item is practical and will be comfortable for the newborn. Unfortunately, there are many newborn baby clothes that are absolutely beautiful but are uncomfortable, hard to put on and take off and difficult to wash.

Parents should also remember that secondhand newborn baby clothes cannot be returned or exchanged. It is important to make sure to get the right size. The ideal is to buy secondhand newborn baby clothes in person via Craigslist or at a local garage sale or flea market. Then the clothing item can be compared with a newborn baby clothing item that parent has brought from the house.

Buying newborn baby clothes, either new or secondhand, can be quite enjoyable. Many parents enjoy dressing their new little one in varying outfits. Buying clothes secondhand is a good way to save money, as these clothes are often in near new condition yet cheaply priced. As long as parents examine the clothes carefully and make sure that they will wash easily, are easy to put on and take off and free from stains and tears, it is easy to get good bargains shopping secondhand.

To learn more about items you are going to need for your baby such as proper baby bedroom accessories, please visit babyroomtips.com


Things You Should Put In Your Diaper Caddy

Because of their convenience, the diaper caddy has spawned many variations of itself in the markets today. Some are bigger than others, while some have more compartments and features. However, while some people think that diaper storage is all the function they want out of a caddy, this is a big mistake. That’s because the diaper caddy is a parent’s best friend, aside from the mini crib. Therefore it must contain all the essentials, but still not be too bulky to carry around.

One of the most important things you should put in the diaper caddy is a baby changing pad. However, not just any changing pad will do. Depending on the dimensions of your caddy, the pad would have to be thin enough to fit inside, yet big and comfortable enough for changing diapers when it is spread out. So if you travel with your baby frequently, and the caddy you have proves to be too small for a pad, then ideally it should be changed to a bigger one, because the added convenience will eventually be worth the extra expense.

Then there should also be room for cleaning materials. This includes a large quantity of wipes, cotton, a clean cloth, or any other item you prefer to use when cleaning your baby’s skin. However, this should not be all. Babies are prone to develop rashes, and depending on the location, may also suffer from insect bites, dry skin, and similar problems. This means you need some space for the powder, lotion, some alcohol, and other creams or ointments for insect bites.

Finally, there should be a spare pocket or two for a feeding bottle. Why? Because babies tend to be more tolerant of diaper changing when they are distracted by their bottle. Or if not a bottle, then a simple toy on that pocket will help achieve the same purpose.

With these guidelines, you are now on your way to finding the perfect diaper caddy. Check one out today.

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Dealing with grumpy kids is a part of parenting. Like normal human beings, it is natural for children to display anger. But because they are still young, they don’t know how to deal with this strong emotion yet. Thus, they don’t know that their angry and violent behavior is wrong. If not addressed early, they can carry it to their adulthood. As a parent, it is your priority that your kids grow up emotionally healthy.

To teach your kids how to manager yourself, you must first acquaint yourself with anger management activities for children. If you know what to do, your kids will follow your lead.

• Create an open and free environment wherein your children can express their feelings. If they are afraid to vent out, they might hold it and we all know that keeping a grudge is never healthy. You have to learn how to get it out of their system before the anger becomes destructive.

• In this environment, encourage your kids to talk about the sources of their anger or frustrations. Doing so will open the line of communications between parents and kids. And knowing they can approach you when they feel upset will make their anger subside more quickly.

• Teach yourself how to determine the situations that make them angry. Doing this will help you understand your kids better. At the same time, it will allow you to show them how to identify the sources of their angers and how to react accordingly.

• Be a role model for your kids. Learn how to manage your temper, as well. Show them that if you can let your anger dissipate and be cool, they can do it too. Teach by example. This applies best to teen anger management because teens can be very stubborn when angry.

• Look for ways to engage your children in meaningful distractions. This way, they won’t dwell on their anger. Enjoying one’s self is also a good way of cancelling the negative feeling of anger.


Toy Organzation Tools for Easy Clean Up

How do you get your kids to pick up their toys?  The answer is simple.  You have to make it easy and fun for them.  Otherwise, chances are that they won’t pick up without you forcing them to.

But how do you do that?  There are three solutions:  make it a game, get the right tools, and make it a habit.

Start out by getting the right tools for your house.  These don’t have to be expensive, but they do need to fit your children’s personalities and the toys that they have.  Most people already have a toy box, which works well for quick clean up and storage of large toys.  A baby toy hammock is useful for storing stuffed animals up and out of the way.  The Prince Lionheart Jumbo toy hammock can hold of a lot of stuffed animals, and it can be found for under $10 if you know where to look.

Another tool you may want to consider is the toy bin organizer.  The separate bins on this allow your children to sort and store toys in a way that’s easy to find.  This is useful if your child always dumps out the whole toy box to get to one or two toys on the bottom.  It’s not cheap, but you can often find it on sale.

If you don’t want to spend the money on one, use baskets or bins in combination with a bookshelf.  Your child can then sort the toys into there.  Just make sure you put the baskets on the bottom shelves to avoid any accidents.

After you have your tools, you need to make picking up a game.  Set a time every day for your children to put away their toys.  This usually works best right before bed.  You can even make it a contest to see who can pick up the most or see if they can beat their time for the previous day.  Give out prizes if desired.

Finally, make picking up a habit.  By doing it at the same time every day, then your children get in the habit of picking up.  It can take about three weeks to set this habit in place, so make sure you stay on top of it!

So there you have it.  Get the right tools, make picking up fun, and create a cleaning habit in your children.  In no time, you’ll be enjoying the benefits of having a nice, clean house.


Ralph Lauren Baby Clothes

Many mothers only want the best baby clothes for their babies. These mothers usually choose popular brand-named clothing. If you are looking for well-known baby clothes then the Ralph Lauren Clothing line offers a wide selection of cute baby clothes that mothers will surely love.

Ralph Lauren was once known for their polo collection and then later expanded to men’s and women’s wear collections. The company is trying to fill all of the growing needs of the public and now has infant and toddler clothes, accessories, perfumes and fragrances, towels, and even bedding.

The Ralph Lauren clothing line is known for their unique and artistic style that is manifested in all their products. They also have antique and vintage collection that adds to their wide range selection of products. Recently they also have their newest three collections that were launched last year and this includes the Hollywood Glamour collection, Estate collection and Americana collection. Added to their new group of collection is the luxury watches such as Stirrup, Sports Collection and Slim Classique collection.

The Ralph Lauren Baby collection is divided into boys and girls collections that are available for different sizes. The boys’ collection includes sizes 2 to 20 while the girls includes sizes 2 to 16. For their infant collection sizes ranges up to 24 months. They do not also offer baby clothes but also includes shoes and other apparels. All products can be purchased readily at Ralph Lauren retail stores and through online by visiting www.ralphlauren.com website.

One popular set from the Ralph Lauren baby collection is the Safari set that costs $65.00. It comes with a button collar at the shoulder portion. It also has button flap pockets located at the chest area and paired with belt. Another baby clothes is the Fleece set that has hood and cost about $55.00. It is long sleeve style, with kangaroo split pockets and zip hood and has knit lining. The said clothing material is made from 87% cotton and 13% polyester fabric.

Another popular baby choice is the Ralph Lauren three piece coverall that has long sleeves with stripes. It is made from 100% cotton making it comfortable to wear. This also has hem for ease in dressing and pony that is embroidered at the chest part. And the Evaline Chambray collection that is a denim jumper with straight neckline cut.

Mothers won’t go wrong when they choose Ralph Lauren baby clothes for their babies. The clothing is not only made of quality materials but also touched with a classic and unique style making the baby more adorable and cute to look at.