Taking on the responsibility of being a parent is no easy task. Just a mere glance at any ‘parenting’ section of a bookstore and you can be completely overwhelmed by the wide spectrum of opinions and thoughts on the subject. In my own experience of being a father, I was constantly asking, “What on earth is the right way to go?”

In my life, and my own up-bringing, I can certainly tell you what types of child discipline didn’t work. I would have been easily categorized as having defiant child syndrome, but when I was a boy, those like me were all getting labeled with ADD instead. My parents sent me to numerous counselors and tried numerous techniques to ‘cure’ me of my blatant defiance and violence, but in the end there wasn’t any magic technique that worked.

So what is the right way? What are good techniques for the discipline of a defiant child? How about for any child for that matter?

A friend and mentor gave me some exceptionally good advice. As my kids were getting out of the toddler phase and becoming these tiny people with big opinions of their own, I noticed this man’s children. His kids are good and solid kids. Some are now adults, and they’re great adults. They’re open to criticism, yet confident and strong enough to hold their own. I asked him how he did it.

He told me to keep my eyes open for kids that display attributes that I want my children to have. When I see it, go to their parents and ask what they do, and then, listen.

He said that that alone is one of the best techniques for developing good child discipline, to listen. Listen to criticism. Listen to friends. Listen to them. The thing is, often, we’re so close to the situation that we don’t see it clearly.

The other thing that he said was to be consistent. He mentioned that all of the parents he respected all had two things in common. First, they loved their children intensely. And secondly, they were very consistent in the discipline that they would execute.

One major problem is that parents keep trying new things, and keep changing it up. The child never has a chance to know what to expect for defiant or rebellious behavior. Consistency gives the child a chance to believe that what the parent says is actually true, and this fact will conquer nearly any obstacle with the child.

If the child thinks you’re just guessing, and that you don’t really mean what you say, they’re going to constantly test you. And testing is simply the child asking, “Can I trust you?” They want to trust us parents. They want real boundaries and to know where they’re safe to run around, and where they’re most definitely not.

Give them clear guidelines, and stick to your guns. My three little girls have challenged my emotions tremendously, and I’ve seen, time and time again that when I follow through on my threats, the first time, they always respect them the next time. Always.

Since adopting this more and more in my life, I’m finding that I don’t have to repeat myself with them all of the time. I’m not worrying about getting them to like me, they instead, respect me. And our love has grown deeper as a result. For more on ways to manage defiant children and tips on improving child behavior, please visit the personal development site – Prosperity Hut.


Create a Homemade Baby Gift

A friend or a family member is about or just had a baby girl. You want to give the nicest gift but something that cannot be easily bought commercially or in stores that you might even end up with the same gift as the other guest. You want to give something one-of-a-kind that only you have thought of, something that shows you put in a lot of effort and care into it. Homemade gifts are the perfect idea to give something really unique, something that will be greatly appreciated by the baby’s parents.

A pair of tiny white socks is a perfect gift for something so fragile and delicate. Those small, adorable feet need to be kept warm and comfortable all the time and a pair of cute baby girl socks will provide that protection while making those tiny feet look fashionably chic. But while baby socks are both functional and stylish, they can also be made into decorative things that will make for a perfect, one-of-a-kind baby gift.

If you want to give a baby shirt and a pair of socks as a gift, personalize it by sewing lace around them. Add in pretty ribbons and satin flowers to bring more color and accent if you bought plain or simple shirt and socks. To make it even more colorful, buy other sets of matching shirt and socks in other colors, preferably pastel, and put them in a nice shirt box layered with tissue or a nice paper, each row containing the shirt with its coordinated socks.

How about buying a receiving blanket and a bib and add a personal touch to it by sewing lace around the items and joining them together with a pretty bow. In just a matter of minutes, you have a custom-made blanket and bib set not found in any baby shop or store.

Another great idea is to buy two receiving blankets and sew them together to make a two-ply baby blanket. Add layers of lace or ruffles to make a customized, truly unique gift. If you know the color of the nursery, buy blankets in the same color to match with the room’s theme. This will make the baby’s parents truly delighted.

A gift basket is both a useful and adorable gift. Wrap your basket in a pink blanket and tie the ends or put a matching pink ribbon at the top. Decorate with diaper pins to make your gift basket even more adorable. Fill it in with baby things in all pink for that cute bundle of joy. Bottles, pacifiers, brush, comb, powder, diapers, booties, towel, even a teddy bear, and other essentials all in pink are something the baby’s parents will truly be grateful for.

Lastly, you can create a beautiful picture and print it on cardstock. You can print the baby’s name, nickname, birthday and other important information about the baby and paint or decorate it to add a personal touch. Put it in a nice picture frame or even better, buy a simple frame and decorate it yourself.

Simple, cheap and truly one-of-a-kind, these wonderful ideas about turning baby girl socks into something more special and unique will make tiny white socks more memorable and truly last a long time.