Air Mattresses Makes Camping More Comfortable

Has it ever crossed your mind how important air is for camping other than breathing?  I have an Aerobed air mattress.  I pump that up with an air pump. My shoes of choice are Nike Air Trainers.  We drive an aerodynamic car.  Every morning we air out the tent and sleeping bags.

While setting up my comfortable 4 person family tent, I am humbled by the single guy next to me who just backed in an Airstream Travel Trailer. He has an air compressor and air tanks too.  I have a hunch that I may not sleep as good he does on my air mattress.  I think I am going to look for a used Airstream Trailer for sale.  They have everything that you need and much more.

So what’s my point?  Honestly, there is no point other than a deflated air mattress is going to mean a sleepless night.  Let’s take a look at the 3 most common sleeping mattreses so you can get the best night sleep.

Self Inflating Air Mattress

For family car camping, the self inflating air mattresses have more benefits than any other type.  You do not need an air pump.  Just open the valve and air comes right in. This eliminates the head ache of trying to figure out how to pump up your air bed without puncturing it.  We have a 20 foot telephone cord that often reaches the tent from the car.  Self inflating air mattresses are hard puncture.  They are lightweight and compress to a small footprint.  The thicker the air mattress, the more comfortable it will be.  When I went on a week long back packing trip, I had to use honeycombed foam pad to supplement the comfort.  My old Thermarest is about an inch thick and I never get a good sleep on it.

REI’s 3.5″ Camp Bed is probably the most comfortable self inflating air mattress on the market.  It’s not quite as comfortable as the Aerobed, but much easier to use.

Camping Air Mattress

Inflatable air mattresses are the most comfortable and take up less space than any other sleeping option.  We have 2 Aerobeds and we wake up refreshed every morning.  When deflated, they barely take up any room.  The down side is that you have to use an air pump to inflated them.

Foam Pad
Foam pads are the most primitive all all sleeping pads.  They work great for kids who do not need the luxury of an air mattress.  They will never go flat, don’t need pumping up, and they are dirt cheap to buy.  The down side is that they are not comfortable for an adult to sleep on.

Don’t try to be a hero by sleeping on something as simple as a foam pad.  Get the most comfortable mattress possible that can be stowed away in your vehicle.  I would rather sleep comfortably for 3 hours than 8 hours of tossing and turning on an piece of foam.  Go to and read through the air mattress reviews to see what real people say about the mattress that you are looking at.


As it reaches toward the sky, Mount Everest continues to inspire both professional and less experienced climbers. Sometimes, as was the case in 1996, an expedition up that dangerous slope encounters challenging weather conditions. In that less than routine situation, the expedition members had to spend long hours in a mountaineering tent.

Now when climbers are confined to a temporary structure for an extended period of time, they need something with a high ceiling. A dome tent can satisfy that requirement. It lets those who have retreated to its protection feel at ease, if they choose to assume an erect position.

On a balmy day a tent’s airy nature takes precedence over its ability to impede entry of windy gusts. On such a day, a mountain climber welcomes the presence of a tent’s well vented roof and sides. Disappearance of wind and precipitation, combined with appearance of sunshine can dampen a climber’s interest in something with factory sealed seams and a floor with a waterproof coating.

Of course, not all outdoor lovers will try to scale a tall mountain. Some just want to take a long hike. In the event that they are simply hiking from camping site to camping site, or even camping rough out in the woods then they need to travel with a backpacking tent. The main difference here is that weight is less of an issue as is cost. The tent is also not expected to withstand the storms and strong winds that might be encountered high on a mountain. In order to purchase an example of top quality camping gear, the hiker should take several factors into consideration.

Decisions surrounding the purchase of a tent-like structure concern three important characteristics—space, weight and price. A tent’s association with snugness should indicate that it remains lightweight in nature. At the other extreme, something with great roominess hints at the existence of a large price tag.

Expected weather conditions, special features and the anticipated ease-of-setup all contribute to the overall quality of a hiker’s temporary housing. The smart shopper carefully weighs each of those factors before buying a form of outdoor protection.

The Advantages of a Lightweight 3 Man Tent

It’s always fun to escape the city life now and then to explore the great outdoors. There are schools and organizations that plan overnight camping trips. However, you can meet some inconveniences when you are with a large number of people, most of whom you barely know.

If you have experienced joining a camping expedition, you should know how difficult it is to supervise or coordinate with large group of people. Planning for a camping trip with a small group of people is more convenient and hassle-free. A small group is also suggested because you can have more quality time to spend on outdoor activities like jamming over a bonfire or fishing.

In preparing for camping, you should have enough food, cooking utensils and other camping and survival equipment. However, some people bring too many small 1 man tents. Why opt for that kind of tent when you can have a larger tent that is just as lightweight? A lightweight and larger tent has advantages that can make your camping experience easier when it comes to walking up to the location and setting up a camp.

If your group is composed of only three people, you can just pack a lightweight 3 man tent which you can take turn in carrying while hiking to the camp site. Outdoor activity enthusiasts agree that a 3 man tent is the ideal type of tent for camping out. And because it is lightweight, it is recommended even if you don’t have a vehicle.

The 3 man tent is roomy and can accommodate people plus extra space where they can keep their things and camping gear. Having this kind of tent instead of smaller one will make your camping equipment packing much easier. And a tent that is larger than this type will be heavier to carry when you need to take the trek to the campsite.

Going for a 3 man tent is therefore a space-saving and hassle-free means for camping and hiking preparation. This tent can provide comfortable space. If you are camping out with your family, it can even accommodate more than three children.

Visit the outdoor and sports shop near you to check out their 3 man tents. It is a good investment especially if you see yourself engaging in more outdoor activities n the future. You can also do your shopping online and have it shipped to your doorstep.

Different Kinds Of Sun Canopy

There is a vast number of styles and choices offered by the Quick Shade canopy company, certainly one to fill any need and meet any requirements the user may have. Whether someone is planning a picnic on a beautiful day, perhaps a weekend camping excursion, a trip to the beach to enjoy the sand and surf or simply a backyard get-together, there is an appropriate sun canopy that will do the job.

One of the primary reasons for the ever increasing popularity of these items is their ease of use. Literally, one can unfold, set-up and be in business in a matter of minutes. The disassembly is equally easy to perform, and the unit is quickly available for movement to another location, or simply to await the next time its services will be called upon. Their usefulness is so diversified, whether it is sanctuary from a broiling sun, or cover helping one deal with a sudden rain storm. Another of the outstanding benefits this versatile product offers to its user, is the ability to maximize their time in the outdoors and all the benefits it holds in store. Some innovative people have come up with even more diverse uses for these quick shade canopies other than their normal functions such as a cover for the family automobile in situations where there is no garage available, as well as an added protection on someone’s boat if they are planning a day out on it. Truly, the only retrictions on them are whatever limitations one imagination may hold them to.

The various offerings of styles will truly complement whatever someone has in mind. Different options such as adding side walls which are easily attached or a favorite one with campers that features windows on the walls allowing for viewing from inside without having to step outside. Other options for consideration involve being able to more tightly secure corners into the ground to guarantee stability, particularly if some unfavorable weather is expected such as higher than usual wind conditions. And depending what one is thinking the primary purpose of the Quick Shade canopy will be, will go far into exactly what choice will be made in regard to the material used in its make up.

The very best place to begin the process of looking into the different choices to be considered is on-line. There the prospective buyer will find a wealth of valuable information, and will be able to receive whatever directional help they need to make certain the correct choice is made. Any questions they may be holding are going to be forthrightly answered and in a manner that is concise and easy to understand.

Pop Up Tents: Camping In The Great Outdoors

Countless people choose to go camping ever year as a means to escape from the mundane routines of daily life.  Parents frequently take their children camping as it is less expensive than other destinations requiring a motel room and pricey meals.  Spending time in the great outdoors is an experience unparalleled by theme parks and other travel destinations.

Avid campers consider themselves fairly well versed when it comes to camping gear.  Knowledge of proper equipment is a necessity for packing appropriately.  In general, the modern conveniences of home are nowhere to be found.  This is why it is critical to have an understanding of what to bring and what not to bring.

Sleeping bags, flashlights, radios, portable grills and other camp cooking equipment are a must-have on camping trips.  Air mattresses and bug repellent are favorites as well.  The most important thing, however, is the tent.  There are many things to consider when thinking about the type of tent to bring; pop up tents are a respectable choice for those who do not want the hassle of assembling a traditional tent.

A popup tent is similar to a traditional tent.  The main difference between the two is how it is put together.  A popup tent consists of poles that bend in the middle via joints, taking away the need to steady long poles in the ground and thread tent walls to the poles.  For the most part, foldable tents require less time to set-up and take down.  Storing a popup tent is very convenient as it folds down flat, in a circular pattern.

Camping has been a favored past-time for generations.  However, manufacturers have recognized the fact some people simply need a different arrangement in order to go camping.  This may be due to medical needs, safety concerns, or simply personal preference.  For individuals that do not wish to sleep in a standard popup tent, they may pick from other styles including tent campers, popup campers, pop up tent campers, and popup tent trailers.

The previous listed varieties offer more comfort than the standard popup tent.  With sturdy roofs and propane gas capabilities, these models offer additional security for those who need it.  Four to five people can sleep in one of these upscale models with the security of knowing they are well-protected from the weather and other external elements.  These tents, even though more luxurious, require more effort to transport.  Instead of fitting in a trunk they must be towed on the back-end of a vehicle.

Camping can be an enjoyable experience when proper attention is paid to needed materials.  Everything from matches to snacks must be considered.  Although there are many necessary items, the tent is the primary focus.

Heavy Duty Camping Chairs

There is a folding char for every personality and every setting you just need to discover the best one for you. Plastic material beach chairs work best for when you want to get a tan and nylon chairs work best for sitting in the yard. This is because they provide a bit of functionality for the setting and they are also cheap. You dont need many additional features because you will not be using these for expended periods of time. If you were headed to the beach on a hot day, you may want to purchase an optional umbrella attachment. But many beach chairs come with an umbrella that will provide perfect shade when you have had enough of the sun. If you want to find a different style of folding chair you should look through the online inventory. There are plenty of inexpensive options for anyone that is looking for a useful product without the burden of added weight.

Additional weight is typically associated with heavy duty camping chairs. However, there is a wide range of chairs that are currently available that are made of light material. This makes them more portable and easier to fold when you are coming or going. Some of the most popular features include a canopy covering and cup holders. If you are looking for a chair to cover the sun while also supporting a decent amount of weight, this is a great option and the heavy metal frame will keep you from breaking the chair while relaxing. The key to purchasing the right chair is simply to select the one that will provide you with the most comfort. If you like a canopy style, you need to make sure that the attachment is built from quality material that will last and keep you cool.

Do You Need A Survival Knife or Hatchet?

Man, I get a kick out of all the yahoos on YouTube who pretend to be knife experts. Recently there was a kid reviewing the Gerber Prodigy survival knife. He started hacking away at this tree that was about 5 inches in diameter! I laughed until my sides hurt. It was painfully obvious this kid had no idea of how to survive in the woods. You’d never tackle a tree that big if you were in a survival situation (unless maybe it had you pinned). This is why I’m seeing more and more people asking whether or not they need a survival knife or hatchet when going outdoors. I’ll cover the pro’s and con’s of each in this article.

For starters, a hatchet normally has more weight than a knife. Like it or not, a hatchet is designed as a chopping tool and a survival knife is designed as a cutting tool. A hatchet also has the weight to be used as a hammer should it have a blunt end on the opposite side of the head. Yeah, you can take a large stick, rock or something else and beat the knife through a log, but you’re going to burn a lot of calories doing it. Much more than if you used a hatchet or camp axe.

But with the superior chopping of the hatchet comes increased weight. Some hatchets with longer handles can be a bit of a pain to carry easily also. Put them on your belt and the handle can slap your leg all day long. Put it in your pack and it can be hard to get to if you need it.

On the other hand, a survival knives are lightweight compared to most hatchet. It has a good cutting edge, especially if it has some serrated teeth. One can use a survival knife for many things, but let’s face it, it makes a poor chopping tool on anything over 3 inches in diameter or so. I hatchet or camp axe will out chop it every time.

I personally carry a small neck knife when I go out in the woods along with one of my camping or survival knives. If I’m going to be gone longer than a day, I carry a small camp axe with me. If I have to, I can use it to make shelter, and a darn study one at that, much faster than I can with a survival knife.

Dyna Glo makes a range of heaters that are ideal for applications where the user either cannot – or elects not to – make use of an electrical power source.  This article will briefly address the merits of Dyna Glo Tag-A-Long portable propane heaters, and whether they may or may not be right for your needs.

Similar in form and functionality to the Mr. Buddy brand of propane heaters, their fuel source is Coleman propane canisters.  These 16oz canisters are readily available at just about any sporting goods or camping oriented retailer.  This makes maintaining an adequate fuel supply fairly straight forward.

The Dyna Glo propane heaters have some nice safety features.  Firstly is a tip over sensor.  If a heater falls over the intense heat can lead to combustion of flammables.  These particular heaters have a sensor that will cause the heater to turn itself off if it should happen to fall over, thus greatly reducing the risk of any fire.  Secondly, a low oxygen sensor will turn off the heat if it is triggered.  While this is a desirable feature it is wise to be extra careful and not use a heater such as this unless you have ensured adequate ventilation.

Capable of producing up to 16000 BTU when ran from two propane canisters, for a run time of ten hours – on lower heat settings – this is quite a versatile little device.  Weighing in at about ten pounds it is easily portable also.  By storing a couple of space canisters in your vehicle, this becomes a practical source of heat for an extended camping trip.

Some users will rig up their heater to take advantage of the larger external propane tanks they may already have as part of their standard equipment.  This can provide extended (and economical) run time, but should only be considered if you are fully versed on Propane safety features.  I recommend using the Coleman canisters as intended by the vendor unless you are 100% comfortable with working with Propane.

A truly revolutionary feature is the Dyna Glo patented swivel valve.  This allows for easy attachment of the propane canister before swiveling it securely into its built-in storage area within the heater itself; a very convenient feature indeed.

When it comes to propane heating, the Dyna Glo propane heaters are a product worthy of your consideration.  I trust that your next camping trip will find you not only a good time, but good heat too!

Finding Cheap Tents for Your Family Camping Trip

With many families having to tighten their vacation budgets this year many people are looking for cheap and affordable vacations.  One option you may not have considered is going camping with your family.  Camping allows you to get away from all of the many distractions of life and allows families to bond in a unique and unforgettable way. 

The most important thing you need to consider when you plan to camp is what tent to get and what size tent to get.  Manufacturer’s label tents by saying what “man tents” they are.  This gives you a rough estimate of how many people can sleep inside.  For example, a 4 man tent suggests that 4 people should be able to sleep inside comfortably while an 8 man tent suggests 8 will be able to comfortably.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  Oftentimes space is underestimated and doesn’t take into account the things you bring with you, so you have to consider whether you would like a nice shelter for your belongings, as well as, yourself.  Also, do you plan on bringing something to sleep on like an air mattress?  If so, you need to choose a size that can accommodate it. 

Cheap tents are easy to find but you need to make sure you find some that are made durably.  Buying something only to find out it is made poorly can result in a short tent life and opens the doors to water getting inside. You probably want your experience outdoors to be memorable but not in the way it will be if you wake up drenched in the middle of the night by rain.  Looking for a tent that has a rain fly is a good start to preventing this problem but don’t necessarily rely on the one that comes with the tent.  Just like the tent itself, it can be badly constructed and result in a soggy camping experience.

Lastly, consider how heavy the tent is and how you are getting to your campsite.  A lot of sites allow you to simply drive up and park near your campsite, others you will need to hike to.  Hiking to a site requires you to pay attention to the size and weight.  Getting a large heavy tent might be nice for the extra room but you won’t think so while getting to your spot.  Smaller tents will usually weigh less and you can find them as little as 2 or 3 pounds that is of course, if you plan on being the only person using it.  Most likely you will have to settle for one that is between eight and ten pounds.

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Picnic Backpacks Are Great for Day Trips

Many people would like to purchase picnic backpacks but want to know the best backpack. Most people need to make a list of likes and dislikes when purchasing a container to use for outdoor eating. In addition, the appeal of food containers is having a place to keep the food in one location. Also, some people want a food container that will be easy to carry. People use backpacks for different purposes like hiking or for camping. On the other hand, many people are looking for picnic gear that can be carried on the back for easy transportation.

Many people enjoy the backpack as food containers because the backpacks are easy to carry. In addition, the backpacks include plates, utensils, napkins, cheese board, bottle opener, salt and pepper shakers and cups. Also, the backpack has insulated compartments for keeping wine and drinks cool inside of the bag. This bag can be used on a number of family outings. For example, the backpack is perfect for day trips, short hikes and park trips. As well as, the backpack has enough room to carry a cell phone or wallet. The backpack can be given to someone for a gift and will make a great wedding gift.

Picnic backpacks are perfect to carry on vacation. Many people use the backpack while sightseeing around Hawaii and don’t want to return to the mainland for lunch. In addition, the backpack gives the traveler a variety of lunch options while on vacation. Also, consumers should purchase a backpack that’s made of sturdy materials so that the pack can be used on long distance trips. Some designs come with cooling features and compartments for food. Many of the backpacks are made for different activities.

An alternative to the backpack is the cooler picnic set. The cooler will serve the same purpose as a picnic basket and come in stylish designs. In addition, the cooler has insulated fabric on the inside of the container that will keep the food at cool temperatures. Also, the cooler includes adjustable straps that make the container easy to carry. Most models of the cooler are lightweight and easy to transport.

Most people want a picnic basket that has space for food and drinks. In addition, the type of food used in the container will depend on how long the backpack will be carried to the eating location. Furthermore, picnic backpacks are a great design that can be used by anyone.

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