Where does Hamburger Meat Come From?

Wanting to know more about the origins of the food we eat is a good idea. Many of us these days are into organic fruit and vegetables. This is produce that is grown without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Visiting Farmers’ Markets is a great way to find and buy this sort of produce. In fact, if you have ever visited a Farmer’s Market, then you may have noticed some organic meat vendors. They sell meat at higher prices than what is available in supermarkets so is it really worth it?

There are many ways in which we can find out where the food on our plate actually comes from. Recently I have been educating myself about this topic by watching movies about the food industry. Some interesting films include, Food Inc.The Future of Food and King Corn. Through watching these movies I have discovered that the meat that we eat is not so much raised as manufactured.

Cows now eat a diet that is totally different from what I thought. If I was to ask you to imagine cows eating, do you think of cows grazing on some grass? This was my image. But in actual fact, cattle mainly live on vast cattle feed lots. These are literally, massive cattle pens that “house” hundreds, if not thousands of cows. Now a days, instead of eating grass, they are fed mainly on grains, in particular, corn.

The primary reason for this is that it helps to fatten them up much more quickly. This means that they can be slaughtered sooner. In effect, it is for economic reasons that their diet has been changed. But is this really good for the cows, and by extension, the people who eat them? This is a question I have been struggling with myself.

Being fed a diet of corn is actually harmful to the cows. So mixed in with their corn are antibiotics that help to fight off illness. To be honest, I find this rather disgusting that our food is being pumped full of medicine.

Due to this, I have been looking towards healthier ways of eating. I’m not saying that I’m going to become a vegetarian or anything like that. Although I do think it’s important that I start to eat more fruits and vegetables. I’ve been studying some Omega juicer reviews because my friend told me just how easy it is to make home made fruit juices with them.

In addition, I feel that eating organic food, even though it is more expensive is the best option when it comes to looking after my own health. I’ve lost faith in our government and agencies that are supposed to be protecting the food supply. These days, it seems that profit is more important than health.



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Climate Change and Christmas

There are some people who escape to Thailand or some other hot tropical country to escape the cold weather at Christmas, and there are others who are hoping for a white Christmas. I can’t remember the last time it really snowed at Christmas. With the present dire state of the world’s climate the possibility of a White Christmas is becoming more remote by the year.

It seems to me that the best way to try and rectify this problem is to invest a little time and effort into making your Christmas celebrations a little more environmentally friendly. Every little bit helps and besides it is the trying that counts as well.

At present the carbon dioxide count in the atmosphere stands at 390 parts per million (ppm). There is no room for maneuver. All new energy efficient factories and homes built and all new fossil fuel power plants constructed are liable to tip the count over 450 ppm in a few years time. 450 ppm is the point at which sea levels rise and temperatures rise with the result of mass flooding, mass extinctions and turn the Amazon rainforest into a desert. It is clear that world leaders are not going to solve this problem so consumers must do so instead.

So here are a few tips for making your Christmas season more green:

1)    Turn off the Christmas lights when you go to bed. Also unplug devices such as stereos, TVs, DVD players and especially microwaves that are on standby when not in use. These devices continue to waste electricity when you are not using them. A good green gift idea is a smart strip that automatically turns devices off when a master device such as a computer or TV is turned off.

2)    Don’t turn the thermostat up too high during the holiday period. It is plain stupid to wear shorts and a t-shirt in the home at winter because the heating is up so high. For every 8 hour period you can drop your thermostat set point by 1 degree you save 1% on your heating bill.

3)    Use recycled paper for wrapping up presents. The wrapping paper is torn off in a hurry and no kid will notice that the paper is recycled. Using recycled paper helps to slow down deforestation.

4)    Consider your carbon output when buying food, drink and presents for the Christmas period. Try to buy as much as possible at one time, also try to go to shops near your home. Internet shopping is another good idea as companies such as Amazon often move products in bulk.

5)    Buy organic vegetables, fruit and meat where possible. Not only does organic produce taste better but it means that its production has not been at the result of poisoning the ground with pesticides and fertilizers.

6)    Try not to waste water. An 8 minute shower uses the same amount of water as a bath. Either install a low flow shower head (another good green present idea for Christmas) or turn the water off while you are soaping yourself. When and if the world temperature rises fresh water supplies will become severely restricted.

It is hoped that you make the effort to try and be more earth friendly this Christmas. The greatest gift you can give to your children is a world that is not wrecked as a result of mindless consumerism now.


Known as the “king of clay” it might not seem that surprising that Nadal won’t be attending the 2012 AEGON Championships held at the Queen’s Club in London. Grass is certainly not the Spaniards favorite surface, even though he does have a magnificent duo of Wimbledon titles. Clay suits his defensive game much better and it’s true that the Queen’s club tournament follows right on the heels of his most successful event, Roland Garros. Perhaps if it were for any of these reasons then, it would not be so surprising. Instead, Nadal has openly admitted that his decision for skipping the tournament didn’t involve the surface or the scheduling

Nadal’s appearance at the 2011 AEGON Championships was far from successful considering his normal standards. He lost in the quarterfinals to Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. The match was somewhat one sided and Nadal simply looked like he was out of gas. Players have been letting tournament directors know that they don’t appreciate the tight schedule that the ATP is enforcing. Especially for top players like Nadal, who make the finals in nearly every event they play, there is just not enough time to rest in between events. The Queen’s Club tournament immediately follows the French Open, where Nadal has only failed once to win the title in seven tries.

Despite all of these things, Nadal has been clear that his main motivation to skip the event is the outrageous tax laws in the United Kingdom. It is the only place that takes a generous cut from every part of a player’s income, including the money they receive from their sponsors. When all of these different costs are added up Nadal has done some simple math. His appearance at Halle will get him 750,000, a figure that is probably eclipsed by what he could gross at the Queen’s Club. Once taxes on his appearance, winnings, and sponsors are factored in though, the 750,000 starts to look a lot better. Taking a cut from what Nike provides is likely to be a big blow. The best tennis shoes don’t cost hundreds of thousand, but Nadal’s contract with Nike is undoubtedly a tremendous part of his income. Players in Nadal’s position may even feel ripped off, which is just one more incentive to take their business elsewhere.

Over taxation of athletes is an ongoing problem in the United Kingdom. Nadal isn’t the first player to pass up an event because of the taxes, and he won’t be the last. What the United Kingdom should be worried about is pushing away players like Nadal. If other tennis stars follow the example that Nadal has set, they will soon find that they are losing tremendous talent and potential sales at their smaller events. They still have Wimbledon of course, which no one is going to boycott, but other smaller events might begin to see problems in top player attendance.

With almost half a year before the next Wimbledon tournament it is possible we will see more players pulling out of the AEGON tournament. Nadal has set an example for famous tennis players everywhere. Large appearance fees can be obtained from other big tournaments as well, not just the main ones held in the United Kingdom.


Gluten-Free Dinner Ideas

Ever since I became gluten-free about a year ago after finding out about my gluten sensitivity, I have treated it as a challenge rather than a handicap.  I have a feeling most people feel sorry for themselves when they find out about it, but for me, coming up with creative meals was fun and exciting.  It let me use my imagination, and I quickly found out that life isn’t so bad not being able to eat gluten.  I will share some of my favorite dinner ideas that all gluten-free people will love.

One of my favorite gluten-free dinners is grilling some burgers and having cheeseburgers on Udi’s gluten-free hamburger buns.  I have not seen any other gluten-free burger buns out there, but Udi’s is by far my favorite regular gluten-free bread, and their hamburger buns are solid as well.  It feels good to have some friends over and grill out, not worrying about eating something with gluten in it.  I usually make some sweet potato fries to go with it as well.

Another great gluten-free dinner option is a taco salad.  I grab one of my biggest bowls, and throw in romaine, spinach, taco meat, cheese, jalapenos, tomatoes, sour cream, and onions.  It is definitely a nutritious and filling meal.  If you are not a big fan of vegetables and struggle to include them in your diet, this is an easy way to get tons of them.

If you are on the road a bunch, you know how hard it can be to find gluten free fast food.  I used to eat Taco Bell about once a week before going gluten-free, but since, I have really cut back on the fast food.  Now, on the rare times I do get it, I usually go with a tostada and a couple orders of nachos.  It is cheap and convenient.  One thing to remember is that their tacos are not gluten-free, so don’t order those.  I think the meat might contain some gluten there.

Those are a few of my favorite gluten-free dinner ideas.  If you are struggling to come up with more, just search around on the internet.  There are tons of resources.  I have found This Gluten Free Life to be a great site for gluten-free tips and information.  Just play around with your standard meals some, try some different ingredients, seasonings, and sauces – you will definitely find some ways to spice up your meals.


Taking on the responsibility of being a parent is no easy task. Just a mere glance at any ‘parenting’ section of a bookstore and you can be completely overwhelmed by the wide spectrum of opinions and thoughts on the subject. In my own experience of being a father, I was constantly asking, “What on earth is the right way to go?”

In my life, and my own up-bringing, I can certainly tell you what types of child discipline didn’t work. I would have been easily categorized as having defiant child syndrome, but when I was a boy, those like me were all getting labeled with ADD instead. My parents sent me to numerous counselors and tried numerous techniques to ‘cure’ me of my blatant defiance and violence, but in the end there wasn’t any magic technique that worked.

So what is the right way? What are good techniques for the discipline of a defiant child? How about for any child for that matter?

A friend and mentor gave me some exceptionally good advice. As my kids were getting out of the toddler phase and becoming these tiny people with big opinions of their own, I noticed this man’s children. His kids are good and solid kids. Some are now adults, and they’re great adults. They’re open to criticism, yet confident and strong enough to hold their own. I asked him how he did it.

He told me to keep my eyes open for kids that display attributes that I want my children to have. When I see it, go to their parents and ask what they do, and then, listen.

He said that that alone is one of the best techniques for developing good child discipline, to listen. Listen to criticism. Listen to friends. Listen to them. The thing is, often, we’re so close to the situation that we don’t see it clearly.

The other thing that he said was to be consistent. He mentioned that all of the parents he respected all had two things in common. First, they loved their children intensely. And secondly, they were very consistent in the discipline that they would execute.

One major problem is that parents keep trying new things, and keep changing it up. The child never has a chance to know what to expect for defiant or rebellious behavior. Consistency gives the child a chance to believe that what the parent says is actually true, and this fact will conquer nearly any obstacle with the child.

If the child thinks you’re just guessing, and that you don’t really mean what you say, they’re going to constantly test you. And testing is simply the child asking, “Can I trust you?” They want to trust us parents. They want real boundaries and to know where they’re safe to run around, and where they’re most definitely not.

Give them clear guidelines, and stick to your guns. My three little girls have challenged my emotions tremendously, and I’ve seen, time and time again that when I follow through on my threats, the first time, they always respect them the next time. Always.

Since adopting this more and more in my life, I’m finding that I don’t have to repeat myself with them all of the time. I’m not worrying about getting them to like me, they instead, respect me. And our love has grown deeper as a result. For more on ways to manage defiant children and tips on improving child behavior, please visit the personal development site – Prosperity Hut.


What You Must Remember When Camping

Camping is one vacation any family can take for a great price. There are camping accommodations which are more expensive, sometimes more than a hotel stay but a normal camping trip will be cheap for the whole family. So it is time to get out the old camping equipment from the closet or StorageMart and head out for a family fun weekend. Stated below are details on how to find a camping ground best for your family, what to bring on the trip, and what activities you can do while away from urban America.

Camping Grounds

The Internet is the best tool to use when finding a camping ground in the area you want to stay. You can find personal websites from specific parks you may want to stay at or reviews from people who have actually stayed at the campsite. There are also campsite directories on the Internet which rate and tell about the activities, cleanliness, and overall atmosphere of certain grounds.

If you are looking to book a stay at a certain park then you can find their numbers on the web by their websites or general camp site directories. Some sites also have pictures available so you can see what the park will look like during the season you wish to go. If you wish to bring a pet with you the websites will inform you on if that is allowed or not. Basically the best way to view a site without actually going there is the Internet.Not all camp grounds require you to bring a tent, some have little houses there for you, and if you are not a tent lover this may be your best option.

Now when you are selecting the actual spot you will be camping on there are a few things to remember. If you have children with you then being close to a restroom is a good plan, because being on the far side from the bath room is sometimes way to far. Yet you do not want to be too close becuase of the constant traffic and possibly smell. Also make sure you site is level for your camping equipment and free of any ant hills or bee hives.

What To Pack

Making a checklist before you pack is a great plan, you do not want to arrive and find out you forgot the sun screen, then have to go buy some. The standard camping list should include tent, tarps, ropes, Swiss Army Knife, flashlights, batteries, whistle, sunscreen, bug repellent, waterproof matches, and a sleeping bag. Those are the basics and you can build onto the list from there. The tent should be water proof because even a light drizzle could get you moist, and the sleeping bag should be for the appropriate temperature to keep you warm and not to hot.

Depending on where you are camping and for how long you will need to bring different items. If you plan to camp for a few months then you will need many more items and renting a local New York Storage Mart room would not be a bad plan. This would be very helpful if the seasons are going to change during your stay, that way you can have your colder season thing stored near by.

A few luxury items can be included as well, those would include lawn chairs, skillets, trash bags, wet naps, starter logs, and pillows. Being comfortable while camping is a huge plus and it will make your experience more enjoyable, and the better time you have the more likely you will be to do it again. Having a comfortable sleeping bag will make the difference in having a good nights rest and a grumpy day. Also if you are staying in an area with many wild animals then having a air tight bear grade container for food would be best.

Activities When Camping

There are so many things to do when camping, and making sure that your campground will accommodate for what you want to do is very important. If you want to go paddle boating on your trip then checking to make sure your campsite has paddle boats would be the first thing. Also if you are going during a season when there is a lot of wind then paddle boating would be out of the question sometimes, so make sure you go during the correct season.

If you wish to go hiking, cave dwelling, or fishing you will have to know before hand what the rules and regulations on each activity is at your campsite. This will help you to avoid breaking the rules as well as being disappointed because you thought you could fish after seven and now you can not. Most sites offer the same basic activities but if you are going with children you might want to make sure and make sure there is a play area also. Camping should be fun for the whole family, so do your homework and book a great trip today.


Unique Men’s Wedding Bands

Men’s rings used to be nothing more than simple bands that had little or no design. Times have changed and men’s rings are becoming increasingly sophisticated and stylish. Amazing as the changes may be, they have also created new challenges for potential buyers. Issues such as the type of metal, design, and the use of precious and semiprecious stones in the ring always come to mind. To help you, here are some considerations that you can keep in mind to make your task easier:

If you really do not want to take your wedding ring off again and again then you can get ruby engagement rings made of a durable metal with little design and few or no stones in them. The point here is to buy a ring that will allow your man to maintain any kind of activity or work without damaging the ring. If you decide to wear it only when u feel it is necessary, then you can opt for a stylish ring. When shopping for wedding bands, visit a few reputable jewelers to get one that perfectly suits your taste, style and purpose and fits well within your price range. Most shops have a range of vintage style engagement rings you can choose from.

Take time to choose the ring, and if you think you’ve found a good ring, just leave it for a moment and try and look elsewhere. You never know, you could find one that looks much better and is priced much lower compared to what you’ve found. Find jewelry stores online for possible ideas or options. Online jewelry stores facilitate comparison and you can browse through their selection, making the process even more convenient for you. If you decide to make a purchase online, we recommend that you order your ring from a store that is able to provide a guarantee stating the authenticity of the ring and is able to give a 100% money back guarantee if the ring is damaged, defective or of an inferior quality. Shopping for unique men’s wedding bands is not really that complicated, but the changes that have come in recent years mean that you always need to consider some factors, if you really want to get one that looks good and fits perfectly. Some of the tips above will help you, so do not forget them the next time you go to a store to buy an engagement ring.


About Koh Samui in Thailand

Koh Samui is an island located in the southern part of the Gulf of Thailand. It is one of Thailand’s most visited beach areas. The island has white sand beaches, excellent accommodation, an airport, Western style supermarkets and modern hospitals. It is the developed nature of Koh Samui’s facilities and amenities combined with its beautiful beaches that attracts thousands of tourists every year.

The main tourist beach is Chaweng. It is a long stretch of white sand with a smaller beach just to the north called Chaweng Noi. Along the beach are many resorts and guest houses. Next to the beach is an extensive urban area that has everything a visitor could need including bars of a disreputable nature.

Just south of Chaweng is Lamai. It is smaller and attracts a younger crowd. It has a couple of popular nightclubs, two Muay Thai shows and several ‘beer bar places’. The beach is equally as good as Chaweng and has a few more budget options.

For those seeking something more sophisticated there is Bophut beach and Fisherman’s Village. This is an area that has converted the original Chinese fisherman’s houses into bars, cafes and expensive dining options. Bophut is free of sex workers and has a boutique atmosphere that is largely missing in Chaweng and Lamai.

On the north coast is Maenam. This is a small town with a 4 km long beach with plenty of tree cover. Maenam doesn’t have much of a nightlife but does have some bargain accommodation.

Generally the beaches on the south and west coasts are not as good for swimming. Beaches such as Taling Ngam, Baan Bang Kao and Lipa Noi have a few mid-range and luxury resorts that attract those looking to escape the crowds of Chaweng and Lamai. Prices for accommodation in Koh Samui range from $30 a night for a small air-con bungalow to $1,000 a night for private pool villas at brand resorts like Hilton and Marriot.

There’s diving and snorkeling sites near Koh Samui. It is also possible to rent kayaks and sailing boats. Laem Set offers kite boarding. Other attractions include an aquarium, a tiger show, a snake farm, a butterfly garden, waterfalls and beautiful wats.

Koh Samui is blessed with great beaches and plenty of entertainment. There are things to do both day and night. While not the cheapest place in Thailand, it still offers good value and bargains can still be found.


Many people today aspire to become great and professional music producers or beat makers, but there is usually just one thing that is holding them back – the inability or the lack of funds to be able to afford their own personal recording studio. Even renting a studio today can easily cost thousands, and this can prevent a lot of aspiring music producers to chase after their dreams.

Thanks to the advancement of technology though, there is another way to get around it today – and that is through the use of beat making software. But before you act rashly and just purchase any beat making software you see out there, there are a few things you ought to keep in mind when you are purchasing such a software:

1. The price of the software

Needless to mention, the price of the software is definitely a major concern or issue for most people. You definitely would not want to be spending over a few hundred dollars on a beat making software when you can use the same amount of money to purchase quality audio equipment to set up your own studio instead. How much should you be paying for such a software then? As a general guide or a general rule of thumb, you should not be paying more than fifty bucks today to get a great and quality beat making software.

2. The interface of the software

Apart from the price, another thing that one needs to take note of would definitely have to be how simple and easy the software is operated. Preferably, you would want to be starting to make your own beats and complete your first beat in less than just 30 minutes upon getting your hands on the software. Most beat making software today should also come with detailed and step by step video manuals to guide you along in case you get stuck, so you should also keep a lookout for all these too.

3. Does the software come with pre loaded quality sound kits?

Last of all, you should check whether the software comes bundled with pre loaded quality sound kits which you can start using immediately for any purpose. If you are a beginner to beat making, you would not realize the importance of these quality sound beats – but once you get a little bit more experienced you would realize that you can actually do a lot of things with these sound kits.

These are just 3 simple criteria that anyone should look out for when they are looking to purchase a beat making software. If you are currently still struggling to find a perfect program to make beats, then you might want to start by checking out this Cyber Sequencer Review first.